We have been producing quality free range poultry for over thirty five years supplying both
the butchery trade and direct to the customer, specialising in free range grass reared Geese.

Our geese are selected from a large white strain bred specifically
for the table.

Hatched in late spring early summer the day old goslings enjoy
the summer ranging the fields eating grass with a supplementary
diet of home grown cereals, they grow into a large white table
bird average oven ready weights 4.5-6.5kg. (10-15lb).

All our poultry is prepared and packed on the premises by our
team in our dedicated preparation rooms to ensure quality and

In addition we can supply our traditional Three bird roast .

These are produced on the farm comprising of a fully boned out goose filled with fully boned out chicken and pheasant, complimented by a wholesome homemade stuffing.

By request the outer wings and legs (Goose) can be left, unboned for those who like to feast on the leg, presented like this it give the illusion of a whole goose
when cooked and presented.

Additional information

Number of servings

Allow approx 0.75kg per person

4.5 - 5 kg   4 - 6 servings
5.5 - 6 kg   6 - 8 servings
6.5 - 7 kg   8 - 10 servings

2018 Prices:

Goose Weight ranges from 4.5 - 6.5 kg.  £9.81/kg

Three bird roast averaging 7-9kg (15-19lb) (Depending on availability) £115.00

Goose fat  225g tub  £2.25

Allergen information.
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Enquire about the availability of oven ready chickens and ducks.
Free Range Grass Reared Geese For Your Table
(C) Lincolnshire Geese, R & D Harrison, Brook Farm, Grasby Road, North Kelsey Moor, Market Rasen, LN7 6HJ. 01652 678650
Lincolnshire Geese
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