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Lincolnshire Geese
How To Cook Your Three Bird Roast

           Preparing and Cooking the Goose

What you will need

           A large deep meat tin with a trivet or rack if possible,
           foil, salt and pepper.

Step by step guide

           Preheat oven to 190C - 375F.  (Gas mark 5)

           Rub salt into the breast and place roast in a roasting pan on a trivet, if you do not have
           suitable trivet just place in the roasting pan but drain off excess juices during cooking.
           Cover pan completely with tin foil, place in preheated oven and roast depending on the size:
           20 mins. per Lb.

  • Try not to overcook. Remove the tin foil for the last twenty minutes of the cooking time to
                allow the skin to become golden and crispy. The meat is cooked when a skewer inserted in
                the side lets the juices run clear.

Allow the roast to rest in a warm oven about 120c - 225F (Gas mark ¼) for at least
               40 minutes  before serving. This resting period is very important as it allows most of the juices
               which have bubbled up to the surface of the meat to seep back into it, and the meat itself firms
               up to make it easier to carve. Some of these juices will escape though and these should
               be poured into the gravy.

           To carve, place on a flat board and slice through, as you would a loaf of bread, using a
               sharp knife.  Carve into thick slices.

Use the goose fat to roast Potatoes and Parsnips to give them that special taste and 
              remember the drained juices make excellent stock for gravy,

          Serve with roast potatoes, gravy and a selection of vegetables.