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Lincolnshire Geese
How To Cook Your Goose

       Preparing and Cooking the Goose

What you will need

        A large deep meat tin with a trivet or rack if possible,
        foil, salt and pepper and stuffing of your choice.

Step by Step Guide

   • Cook the giblets in water, bring to the boil and simmer for 2 - 3 hours, strain and thicken the
       stock to make the gravy.
   • For the goose allow 15 minutes per 0.45kg/1lb plus 20 minutes. Do not over cook.
   • Stuff the goose with your favourite stuffing, only as a flavouring as it could be too greasy to
       eat, or  as an alternative fill the body cavity with onion and chopped apple and cook the
       stuffing separately in a dish.

How to cook your goose

    • Set the oven at 200°C. 400°F or Gas mark 6
    • Prick the skin and rub salt and pepper over it, then brush with cooking oil or butter
    • Line the meat tin with foil so you can make a parcel of the goose
    • Place the goose on a trivet or rack in the meat tin, breast side up.  If a trivet is not available,
         place the goose on the foil in the meat tin
    • Wrap the goose in foil, making sure there is a double protection over the legs as it is important
         not to burn them
    • Place goose in oven
    • After the first hour baste the goose and make sure the legs are still covered and that the
         skin in not burning,  if not cooking on a trivet drain from time to time the liquid into a bowl
    • For the last half to threequarters of an hour of cooking uncover the breast to brown, and 
         baste again
    • Allow the goose to rest for approximately 20 minutes before carving.  Keep covered.

    The fat drained into the bowl or tin is excellent for roasting potatoes and other vegetables or
    basting other meat.